WATCH The REBAND Teaser Trailer For The EVIL DEAD Remake – NWSF Video

Bruce Campbell assured fans at New York Comic Con earlier this month that the  “Evil Dead,” remake of Sam Raimi’s revered 1981 cult horror film, would be awesome.  Well actually he said that the crybaby’s whining about Evil Dead being remade would be lining up at the box office and later apologizing to him.  But then again Campbell does have a vested interest since he is producing the film.

Well today the REDBAND Teaser/Trailer was released online and while its being well received by some.  I have to say I am kinda underwhelmed and if I didn’t know better would have thought it was a trailer for Cabin in the Woods 2.

Can anything come even close to the original and could any actor possibly fill the shoes of Bruce Campbell and the portrayal of demon attacked hero Ash?

Not in this version anyway.  The character of Ash is now a woman.


What do you think?

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