Transgender Woman Told to Leave Locker Room

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  1. KMart says:

    “who admits she was born a man…” The author needs to read just a little bit about the difference between sex (anatomical – she was born male) and gender (social – a boy could grow up to be a man). The woman in the article possesses at least one male sex characteristic (the penis, it sounds like), but that does not mean that she was born a man. Should I recommend some reading? Authors might include Kate Bornstein, Leslie Feinberg, your local lgbt newspaper… or you could just ask a local transgender person to read your article over before you publish it.

    I also want to say that I’m surprised that Evergreen didn’t already have a policy about this stuff (like, that students and staff can’t use the facilities when they’re rented out). I was a high school swimmer and we never saw any of the college whose pool we used’s students around the locker rooms, sauna, or steam room when we were there for practices or competitions.

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