Rocking Rose McGowan Talks About Her Love Of Gay

Incomparable actress  smoking hot vixen of Charmed, Scream, and Grindhouse,  Rose McGowan recently sat down for an interview to discuss her love of all things gay. For McGowan, the appreciation and admiration for LGBT began at an early age:

In my mind, it was probably when I was little and I would protect the gays from the bullies at school. When I was 13, I was a runaway and taken in by a drag queen in Portland, Oregon. I used to go to gay nightclubs and dance the night away. So, it’s pretty much been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I never felt like all of a sudden, I gained a gay following, it’s always been part of my world. I’m the only one, among my gay friends, that’s gone to civil rights marches,  pro-equality marches, participated in the No H8 Campaign. Then, I realized, I’m the only one there marching – and they’re gay  and not doing it. I need to find some straight people causes and make them go. 

McGowan, ever so classy goes further and discusses how she doesn’t give special labels to her gay fans and appreciates them for who they are:

Just that they’re my favorite. To be honest, I don’t look at them as “gay fans,” they’re just fans to me. They are usually the most fun to talk to and that makes me happy. They tend to know a lot of lines from my movies.

McGowan commented on how she still doesn’t feel right getting married as long as same sex couples are not allowed to:

Yes! It’s infuriating. My assistant, who’s a lesbian, is engaged to a woman. Right now, she can’t get married but she’s engaged until she can. That is completely and utterly absurd to me. I would feel disingenuous to get married and invite a bunch of people to my wedding that could not partake in that themselves.

And like most of us, McGowan is dismayed and afraid of what the potential outcome of the presidential election might mean for not only gays but women as well:

I still want Hillary. It’s not so much that I’m pro Obama but that I’m anti Romney. I feel like besides gay issues, Romney’s such a woman hater. It’s amazing to me that somebody can be that bigoted towards 50% of the population. Even during the debate, somebody asked him what he do as far as pay equality and things like that and he said he’d make sure women could get home by five o’clock so that she could cook dinner for her family. Really?! That’s what we’re going to elect? And the fact that any woman would vote for him is shocking to me. I think so many rights will be denied if Romney wins. It’s a tough time for all of us.   

Words cannot express how HUGE a fan of the tv sitcom Charmed. I mean what more could you want with three sister witches saving the world every week. And the cast have always been very outspoken for equal rights.


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