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LGBT Ally Sean Avery: WOOF Edition

As I say time and time again, it’s always nice to recognize not only those within the LGBT community that stand up and fight for our rights, but also the straight allies that stand by our side to encourage and support us.

For instance, Sean Avery is one of those allies. Don’t know hin? Well now is the time to get familiar. Avery, an NHL star who has played for Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars and other professional teams has been a strong supporter of marriage equality and LGBT rights.


Avery continues to bee a supporter of both LGBT rights and putting an end to bullying. In fact, Avery will be a host to Las Vegas’ all day event for National Spirit Day, which is a day of recognition to support those that have been victimized by bullying as well as a day of support for LGBT youth.


And can I take a moment to talk about this hot sporty geek thing he’s got going on? The serious expression are somehow offset by those endearing glasses. They’re so hot. Strong smart…what else is there? Get to know this guy, okay?!

(you guys know I have a thing for the hipster look, I can’t help it, geek is chic…and HOT. Deal with it.)



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