Was Impeccable Matt Bomer Denied Superman Role Because He’s Gay?

Okay it’s become apparent that I have a thing for Matt Bomer, I mean look at him. The man is perfection. I don’t see how he isn’t the biggest thing in Hollywood today…or do I. Let’s be honest here, Hollywood, despite the rumors. has never been too keen on having gay men and women portray straight characters.

Even with the increasing debate on whether LGBT actors can play straight characters (of course they can. also, why aren’t more people addressing how it’s seen as “edgy” “moving” or Thought provoking when a straight actor plays a gay role? When is that going to be addressed?) more often than not, LGBT actors are held to a lesser standard than their straight counterparts. And Hollywood needs to be called out on their double standard as often as possible.

So now with the latest rumors fueled by Jackie Collins’ confession, is this further proof of the double standard? Collins claims that Bomer was denied the role of the upcoming reboot of the comicbook hero because of Bomer being gay:

Matt Bomer … was actually up for the role of Superman. He hadn’t come out of the closet yet, but people in the know knew back then that he was gay.

[Matt’s] audition tape went in and he later called his agent. But someone didn’t like him and told the agents that he was gay. The later said, “’, then, we can’t cast you’ … The reason he didn’t get cast was because he was gay

Even Bomer has made claims of losing out on a Superman role according to his facebook fanpage. While there’s some debate among fans whether the role Bomer is speaking of is the one starring Henry Cavil or the Superman: FlyBoy that was supposed to be overseen by JJ Abrams that the talk about Bomer in the role did increase his visibility as an actor:

I went through all the screen tests, and it was pretty much understood that [director] Brett Ratner and I would be doing it. It all kind of fell apart. The whole experience was so fast and sudden—it was impossible for me to take in while it was happening. But just being attached to Superman actually gave a great boost to my career.

It is something that is still up for debate but I feel that there are still very blatant double standards in Hollywood and I hope the more stories like these are told the more that the ongoing problem will be addressed.


What do you think?

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