Hysterical Video – “Butt Chugging” Gone Wild Press Conference In Tennessee

Now I’m not placing this in Entertainment because the act of “butt chugging” is funny.  Its EXTREMELY DANGEROUS (Okay maybe it is a bit funny, after all drinking a lot through your asshole to be an asshole,  pouring it into a funnel is hysterically stupid)

BUTT what’s HYSTERICAL is the recent press conference below.

In it  lawyer Daniel McGehee makes a statement about his client a Pi Kappa Alpha frat boy at the University of Tennessee, who consumed a copious amount of the ultra-classy  boxed wine up his ass and had to be taken to the hospital and McGehee making sure to point out that his client is “not a homosexual” because the fraternity appears to be extremely homophobic because that is apparently an important issue and says the phrase “butt chugging” six times during the eight-and-a-half minute  video. (At one point, McGehee says that the inaccurate story has spread across  the entire “United Nations.” The United nations DAMMIT!)

In case you were wondering, the brilliant 20-year-old college sophomore that McGhee represents, Andrew P. Broughton managed to get a BAC level of .4, which is 5 times the legal limit.

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