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Grassroots Field Director for the Republican National Committee BUSTED For Voter Fraud

Last month Strategic Allied Consulting, an Arizona based consulting firm that was paid $3 million by the Republican National Committee this to register voters in five battleground states, including Virginia. The firm, run by veteran GOP operative Nathan Sproul, was recently fired by the RNC following reports that its workers had submitted hundreds if not thousands of suspicious voter registration forms in Florida.

Now comes the news that Colin Small who lists himself as on his LinkedIn resume as a  “Grassroots field director at Republican National Committee” from August 2012 to the present l has now been fired as well.  Small was directly employed by a payroll company called Pinpoint, which was previously used by Strategic Allied Consulting to pay workers for the GOP registration drive being run by the consulting company.

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s office said that, after an investigation and “lengthy” consultations with local prosecutors, Small was arrested and charged with eight felony counts and four misdemeanors under Virginia voter fraud laws and one misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice for throwing away Voter Registration forms.

Democrats in the past have accused Strategic Allied Consulting, of engaging in tactics aimed at suppressing voter turnout, including throwing away registration forms. Florida authorities say that they are conducting a statewide investigation of Strategic Allied’s operations there following reports of suspicious registration forms submitted by its workers, including forms with phony addresses and similar looking signatures.




Will Kohler

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