Gay Texas Couple Fear For Their Lives After Anti-Gay Pastor Writes Article In Local Paper

A gay couple in a Clarendon, are in fear for their lives and believes hateful vandalism found on their home’s front porch is linked to an anti-gay article written by a local minister.

Joshua Harrison and Jeremy Jeffers woke up last Monday morning to find their front porch spray painted with a gay slurs along with a death threat.

“It was a nice message painted on our front porch right in front of our door,” Harrison said. “The message says ‘leave or die fags.'”

Harrison and Jeffers said they have been together as a couple for about a year and a half and have never had a problem in their neighborhood before.  The vandalism on their front porch has made them scared for their lives.

“I’m absolutely terrified because if there are people in this town that are willing to go to the lengths to vandalize our house and to scare us, they they might be going the lengths to do physical harm on us,” Harrison said

Two weeks earlier the local newspaper the Clarendon Enterprise published as advert written by Clarendon Church of Christ Pastor Chris Moore (pictured left), the ad depicted the alleged platform of the ‘Homosexual Movement”

The ad listed seven bullet points and warn residents about the homosexual movement, including a line that said “Folks, don’t be fooled, the ‘gay’ agenda isn’t about ‘equal’ rights for gay couples. Their agenda would force everyone to compromise their values, make our children legal prey for pedofiles”

“Two weeks after this article comes out in the newspaper that people in town are starting to be rude to us and then we get out front porch vandalized,” Harrison said.

Pastor Moore said his advertisement was factual but he does not defend the crime on Joshua and Jeremy. What I wrote was facts and if I wrote something that wasn’t factual – I would gladly fix it,” he said.

You can contact the “loving Christian” Pastor Chris Moore at or by calling 806-874-2495.


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