FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Calls Vice President Joe Biden “Obnoxious”

If there’s one thing this debate didn’t lack, it was teeth. Vice President Joe Biden showed his so often that some people joked his dentist was the night’s real winner. For 90 straight minutes, the former senator was a one-man laugh track–chuckling his way through the debate’s most sobering topics. To most Americans, the prospect of nuclear war isn’t exactly side-splitting. Yet Biden snickered his way through foreign policy questions as if Libyan terrorists were the punch line to a hilarious joke. As far as most viewers (including the liberal media) were concerned, Biden’s constant amusement was off-putting, if not completely obnoxious.” – Family Research Coucil  Hate Group President and GOP pundit Tony Perkins, via poison pen press release.

Only the Family Research Council could turn the phrase, “fucking asshole” from a gay favorite gay pastime to a job description for Tony Perkins.

As in “Tony Perkins is a …”

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