Daniel Craig’s “Unwashed” 007 Swim Trunks Sell For $72,000.00 At Auction


Last Friday Christie’s Auction House in London auctioned off 50 pieces of James Bond memorabilia with the monies raised going to several charities including UNICEF as one of many events celebrating Global James Bond Day, the 50th anniversary of the first screening of Dr. No.

The auction brought in a total of $2.6 million and brought out some celebrities to sell off tricked out cars and other merchandise used by the fictional man of mystery.  But the surprise sale of the day was  the swimming trunks Daniel Craig wore as Bond in his first stint as the sexy agent in Casino Royale which sold at $72,000.oo many say thanks to Dame Judi Dench’s colorful and playful comments .

Dench, who has played Bond’s boss M in the series and continues in the role in the upcoming latest installment, Skyfall, introduced the suit at the auction. She noted – apparently jokingly(?), “All I’m going to tell you is they’re unwashed.”

Dame Judy certainly knows how to sell an item!

Also sold was an Aston Martin DBS that Craig drove in Quantum of Solace, which the gavel his for $390,000. The “Solex Agitator,” an engraved circuit board encased in resin—an original prop from The Man With The Golden Gun, sold for $88,406. And a copy of the orchestral score to singer Adele’s theme song for Skyfall, which she signed along with co-writer Paul Epworth sold for $22,000.

But really.  It was all about the swim trunks.

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