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Anti-Gay Group Tries To Sway African-Americans By Race Baiting

In can they please stop doing this news, an organization in Maryland is attempting to use an inaccurate stereotype to say African American voters to vote against marriage equality this upcoming November.

Jump the Broom for Marriages, whose name is derived from a tradition used by slaves in the American South to celebrate a matrimonial unionis trying to sway African American voters by saying gay rights aren’t civil rights and using their religion as a reason to oppose marriage equality:

Gay Rights is NOT a Civil Rights Issue. Have you ever seen a water fountain for Gays only?”

Sounds like to me someone needs to to their research on what civil rights means before they go on about what is or what isn’t a civil right. For example, in this couuntry, Civil Rights began with the Suffrage movement so that women be allowed the right to vote…So please do yur research before stating fallacies you know nothing about.

I become so irritated when I hear this statement that gay rights aren’t civil rights because CIVIL RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS THEREFORE ARE GAY RIGHTS. We’ve had this discussion before but it bears repeating.

the organization added more insult to injury by adding “whites only” to a sign to a fountain with the caption “A Real Civil Rights Issue!”. This is so counterproductive and wrong. Not because racism still exists in this country, because it does, but that this organization is trying to turn one discriminated group against another.

I’m not the only person able to see through the group’s objectives. President of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, Ezekiel Jackson, saw that this is just another ploy to discredit President Obama because of his evolution on same-sex marriage:

The group’s strategy is clearly to ‘drive a wedge between gays and blacks,’ as outlined in internal memos by the National Organization for Marriage. But supporters of marriage equality — like the NAACP and President Obama — seek to unite people from diverse backgrounds and faiths around the fundamental values of treating everyone fairly and equally under the law.

Please get your facts right before citing what civil rights are. Civil means for everyone.


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