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“America Needs Romney” Blimp Crashes In Florida. – Oh The Humanity!

In lets hope what is an omen for the future, the “America Needs Romney” blimp after it made an emergency landing and crashed in a public park near Fort Lauderdale yesterday where thankfully the two people on board were uninjured.

The blimp was commissioned by local Romney supporters and not the official campaign.

A blimp-like aircraft emblazoned with an “America Needs Romney” message made an emergency landing near a Davie park this evening, much to the joy of many voters in Broward County, one of the most-liberal places in Florida. There were no injuries, Davie police said. Except, perhaps, for Republican pride. As the blimp went down, Twitter lit up. “Just saw a blimp falling out of the sky. It says America needs Romney… Yeah right! You can’t even keep your blimp in the sky,” @swadedarling tweeted an hour ago. “A blimp with a pic of Mitty that says ‘America needs Romney’ just went down in Davie, Fl. Could that be a predicament of what’s to come?” resident Carime Hernandez tweeted.

Of course Brietbarters and Right Wingnuts are claiming that the blimp was sabotaged by Obama supporters


Will Kohler

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