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7 Days Left Until The Election. GO VOTE

I cannot express it enough how important it is for you as a citizen of this country how important it is for you to vote in this election. You know the choices and, I mean this with all due respect, that either President Obama will continue to lead us, or we will be stuck with someone who believes that LGBT are less than equal along with an administration that shows little to no respect for women’s rights and completely ignore the rampant racism brought on by their campaign.

Also consider the fact that during the next presidential term, that there may be several Supreme Court Justices that retire and will help shape how the rights of citizens are shaped for decades to come. No excuses can be given as a result of the stark difference adapted in politesse  politics, and philosophies of the two parties that will be determining our future. Voting allows us to tell the government how we want our country to run.  Ric Reily of  SouthFloridaGayNews said so eloquently:

The Founding Fathers were great students of history who studied Hume, Locke and Berkeley, great Scottish and British Empiricists, and understood the rights of the people and the propensity of the people to become complacent under their governments. They knew that governments ultimately turn on their complacent peoples as they abdicate their freedoms. With this in mind they built checks and balances into the Federal structure to keep it a government of the people, by the people and for the people. They wrote the Constitution as a vehicle for change allowing the people to tell government what they want. When we don’t tell the government through the press, through demonstration and through use of free speech we allow the government to summarily remove our freedoms.

The American experiment is certainly the light of the world. It has proven that freedom and liberty can be the fundamental basis for a strong and successful society. Each of us as individuals, and particularly disenfranchised LGBT, has a responsibility as set forth by our Founding Fathers to tell our government what we want from it. The vehicle is basic, a vote and the method is simple, speak out through that vote. Let us who currently occupy this fabulous experiment not abort it in its finest hour through the abdication of our responsibilities to protect our rights of freedom and liberty. LGBT persons are on the cusp of an historic opportunity to move a national election such that our liberties are protected and our rights continue to be restored.

You can’t complain if you don’t vote.  Many states are still doing  or have just started early voting so check with you state voting regulations to see the correct dates.Just vote on or before November 6th.  GO VOTE


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