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Against one of thier own. no less.

Upset that New York Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti voted for the state’s marriage equality bill in 2011  “The Committee To Save The Eric County Republican Party” created the below mailer as Grisanti faces a primary challenge from the Tea Party endorsed Kevin Stocker on Thursday.

Mailer source: Politico


  1. Brandon says:

    It’s important to note that it’s not the “New York State GOP” that’s directly behind this terrible mailer. Grisanti himself is one of the brave statesmen and stateswomen who stood up to negative voices in 2011 and voted in support of the NY State Marriage Equality Bill. Without the bipartisan support of the GOP in the NY Senate, New York might still be working to pass the marriage bill.

  2. That was to Will not the jerk wo made the flyer

  3. That is messed up. We should send out letters with priests touching boys and say vote rebublican! Ugh!

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