U.S. Navy Discharges Man For Doing Gay Adult Modeling

Midshipman Andrew Koch has been kicked out of the U.S. Navy ROTC in the third year of a four-year scholarship service contract and  ordered to pay back nearly $26,000.00 dollars in scholarship money after the Navy discovered that Andrew under the name of Patrick Hunter had done some part-time gay modeling through the adult website FabScout.com

The Personal Review Board that made the decision found Andrew’s part-time “modeling” to be “inconsistent with good order and discipline,” and “inconsistent with what the Navy deems morally acceptable.”

Koch was informed by a commanding officer, T.M. Calabrese, that he was being placed on an involuntary leave of absence, while he was being investigated “for an alleged serious moral offense that brings discredit upon the naval service.”

A week later the Board concurred, advising Andrew that he would also be liable to return all tuition, fees, and educational expenses incurred during his tenure.

In a statement Andrew wrote: , “[I] never meant to disrespect the Navy, never appeared in uniform, and never associated [my] private work in pornography with the Navy in any way. Morality is a very subjective ideal.”

The Navy’s Personnel Review Board (PRB) rejected Koch’s claim, but did note that his conduct was “perfectly legal.” Even so they still concluded it was inconsistent with Navy standards.

Andrew added that he started the gay modeling to raise funds because he was experiencing financial hardship, after being placed on a leave of absence from the NROTC for medical reasons.  “I am not at all ashamed of gay sex. I just needed to support myself. It was never my intention to bring any discredit to the service. I never correlated my private conduct with my public service. I saw a disconnect between the two.”

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