Straight Teen Beaten For Standing Up To Anti-Gay Thugs At UK Brighton Pride

18 year old Jack Young was attacked by a group of anti-gay thugs with a bottle after the straight teenager stood up to their anti-gay antics at Brighton Pride in the UK over the weekend.

Jack’s mother brought his story to the Facebook page, Wipe Out Homophobia, writing:

I am extremely proud of my son for what he did. I know for a fact that if he came across the same situation again he would react the same, it’s just how he is.

I have just spent over an hour reading all of your lovely comments. I am overwhelmed by all [the] caring words.

I LOVE how many of you like the photo. I know it’s because you like what he did, not what has happened. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments.

A lot of you have asked if the police are involved, they have been round to speak to Jack but he does not want it to go any further, This he says, is because there is no point, they would not get caught, They know they have done wrong & one day they will all get theirs.”

Jacks mother goes on to say that Jack does not want to be refered to as a “hero” because he was just doing what was right.

Well done Jack for taking a stand and showing that you are infinitely braver than the vile backward bigoted cowards that did this to you.

Like it or not you Jack you certainly are a hero.

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