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Research Study Finds Gender In LGBT Is Not Linked To Happiness

In this is interesting news Cornell University conducted a study to examine  sexuality and conformity to societial norms with some surpising results. The survey questioned over 500 high school seniors to determine if their sexuality influenced their likelihood of conceding to societal norms.

Both LGBT and straight students happiness wasn’t based on their sexuality but rather their likelihood to conform to behaviors assigned to their gender. For instance, societal assigned masculine behaviors like “fixing cars” affected guy’s well being and happiness much more than their sexual orientation.The same applied to female participants and societal assigned feminine behaviors like shopping.  Here’s a further elaboration:

The study pointed to nonconformity as having a greater impact than sexual orientation on students’ psychological well-being — debunking the long-standing belief that sexual orientation is the primary cause of unhappiness among LGBT youth, according to Gerulf Rieger, a post-doctoral associate in the Sex and Gender Lab and one of the authors of the report.

This research is important  as it’s implications in understanding how rigid gender roles assigned by society are what led to in lower esteem in LGBT youth as well as adults. I can see how some can link sexuality to gender but also how it can be viewed differently and this research if anything else shows that we need more multidimensional approaches to understanding outside influences in behavior.

So fellow readers, what do you think; growing up were you more concerned about your sexual orientation or how your behavior reflected on what society says your gender should be like?


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