NOM Pushes Article Saying Gay Men Who Seek Out (Baby) Surrogates Are Akin To Rapist

The ever increasingly irrelevant National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has published a column asserting that gay men who seek out surrogates in order to have children are akin to “sexual predators” and rapists.

NOM’s  propaganda wing The Ruth Institute excerpted a column entitled “The New Sexual Predators,” which was originally published at The Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse blog. (In their early days, the National Organization for Marriage and the Witherspoon Institute shared an office in Princeton, New Jersey. Witherspoon president Luis Tellez has been a NOM board member for as long as NOM has existed.  You need a scorecard to keep these incestuous anti-gay hate groups straight.)

The column’s author, Alana S. Newman, (a pro-life blogger that wants to deny gay parents children) argues that women must now defend themselves not only from “stereotypical sexual predators” but from “gay men who seek their eggs”:

But now there are new predators on the scene, for whom we do not have a script. There are new characters eager to exploit our daughters’ bodies, who enjoy unsullied reputations, passing detection even as they blatantly hunt for eggs and wombs with checkbooks in hand. And historically they have been the people women should fear the least.

So now, young women must do more than simply defend themselves against aggressive heterosexual males who want to use them for sex. They must also navigate a world filled with new, never-before-seen predators—people they thought they could trust—who aggressively target them for their eggs and their wombs. [emphasis added]

If her writings weren’t so over the top, badly written and insanely outrageous I might just be offended by this anti-gay hacks article.

Seriously if this is the BEST that  The National Organization For Ruth Witherspoon Institute can do then it’s quite apparent that they have already lost and should unplug the iron lung that keeping their hateful organizations alive.

“Target them for their eggs and their wombs”   Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

To quote Lafayette from True Blood.  “You’re stupid bitch, you know that?””

One thought on “NOM Pushes Article Saying Gay Men Who Seek Out (Baby) Surrogates Are Akin To Rapist

  1. Alana Newman (formerly Alana S.) is a real piece of work. See the article on called “Confessions of a Blog Addict,” which collects some of her most absurd comments as a blogger at, David Blankenhorn’s outfit. Here is the url:

    This pos has real class: on the day of Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral she speculated that her younger children were not really hers.

    Interesting that the most recent nonsense published at the Witherspoon Institute blog was republished at, just as Blankenhorn et al. are trying to redo themselves as less anti-gay. Rots of ruck with that.

    Not only does she have the emotional maturity of a twelve year old, she loves the attention. We are probably feeding the troll even by discussing her, but she is so fucking stupid that it is hard not to do so.

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