Is NBC Newest Sitcom The New Normal Perpetuating Gay Stereotypes?

You know this question is it too gay or is it hurting the LGBT community has come up and will repeatedly do so for however long the show stays on the air. But in all honesty, does it matter? Of course it does. We want our characters to be portrayed in a realistic light. Show the good bad or whatever else makes that character real.

And star of the show, Andrew Rannells feels that this is a valid question as well. However, he feels the premise of the show is more than a gayy person with gay characteristics:

“I certainly understand. As a homosexual, having watched gays on TV be portrayed, sometimes it’s really great and sometimes it’s just a punch line. I think Ryan and [co-creator] Ali Adler are very cautious about that. And I can tell you, going forward, they’ve given me in particular some real range with this character.”

Both Adler and Murphy have stated as much in previous interviews. Adler specifically states that the point of the show is not politics, but rather showing real people going through real obstacles.

We’re not intending to be political –We intend to be an emotional and character-driven show, and these are very personal stories that are very relatable regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It’s about your humor, I think, and your ability to be self-aware.”

And Andrew also discusses his co-star Justin Barthas’s ability to also bring a realistic and honest portrayal of his character to life, despite the fact that Justin is straight:

“He’s not looking for any pats on the back. So often, when straight actors play homosexuals, they get, ‘He’s so brave. That was such a brave decision for him to play this part. What a brave role.’ And to me that seems like bullshit, because if a part is good, it’s a good part.”

So yes we want to see real characters. Do you, fellow readers, feel like The New Normal has been doing an honest portrayal of a gay couple?

What do you think?

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