Michele Bachmann Gets Desperate, Uses NOM’s and Hate Groups Mailing Lists To Beg For Donations

It seems that Ole Crazy Eyes Michelle Bachmann is running for her political life and sinking to such depths as to use not only The National Organization for Marriage’s mailing list to desperately beg for campaign contributions but have also been using the SLPC confirmed hate group, The Public Advocates as well.

Jeremy Hooper writes in NOM Exposed:

I  have a dedicated account where I get nothing but NOM/NOM’s Ruth Institute emails.  But for a few months now, I’ve noticed that a random email from a certain member of Congress will pop into that mix.  I wondered why.

Today I get my answer.  At the bottom of the e-blasts from one Rep. Michele Bachmann, you will notice an “unsubscribe/update subscription preferences” link.  And what happens if one hits that link, as I did today?  Well, one is taken to this site, which is hosted on the NOMResources.com subdomain.

But it seems to go  further then just ole Crazy Eyes who are using these anti-gay e-mail lists for politcal monetary gain.

Civil rights and marriage equality advocate Thom Watkins adds:

I’ve  got two of those Bachmann emails today, one from the email I use for NOM and the other from the email I use for Eugene Delgaudio’s Public Advocate of the US. I’ve also gotten emails from Paul Rand and from Rick Perry using the Delgaudio address. The sharing among these politicians and these anti-gay hate groups is despicable.

Despicable yes.  Illegal?  Possibly.  At least by IRS standards anyway considering that mailing lists have worth but even if they didn’t sell them both NOM and the Public Advocate would be guilty of abusing their laughable 501c exempt status’ even more than usual.

What do you think?

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