LGBT Victory Fund Spins Bipartisan Bullshit, Backs Gay GOP Over 100% Pro-Gay Progressive Democrat

The Victory Fund a political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of openly LGBT politicos in public office has joined in the chorus of Gay Inc. organizations that are in a politically correct tizzy that Frank as of late has been calling out “gay republicans”.

Barney Frank opposes the election of gay Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei from his home state of Massachusetts.  ‘‘The fact that Richard Tisei is openly gay is a good thing,’’ Frank said in a conference call with journalists, the Associated Press reports. ‘‘The problem is that it is of no use to us.’’ Frank said Tisei’s first vote as a Republican would be to reelect John Boehner as House speaker, and Boehner would not let pro-gay legislation, such as a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, come up before the chamber.

The Victory Fund on the other hand has endorsed Tiesi just because HE IS GAY over incumbent (and straight) Democrat John Tierney who has a 100% Pro-Gay voting record and is ranked the 8th most Progressive member in Congress.

Victory Fund CEO Chuck Wolfe (pictured above left) issued the following statement:

 “As a nonpartisan organization working to bring LGBT voices to the table on both sides of the aisle, we disagree with Congressman Frank’s assessment of Richard Tisei, an openly gay, socially progressive Republican.

Just as Congressman Frank was able to help persuade Democrats to turn away from an anti-LGBT record over the more than 25 years he served as an openly gay member of the House, we believe Richard Tisei’s personal influence in the Republican caucus has the potential to change the hearts and minds of colleagues.  That is how real change begins.”

Lets see just how much of a “socially progressive Republican” Richard Tisei actually is.

•  Tisei voted against final passage of the bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. (H. 5427. Roll Call #483 on 10/23/89)

•  Tisei voted to prohibit the Department of Social Services from placing children in its care with gay or lesbian foster parents. (Massachusetts State House Roll Call Vote #94, 5/17/90)

•  Tisei voted against a bill to make it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodation, and insurance in Massachusetts. (HR 3123 and Roll Call #701 on 9/23/85)

It is absurd for the Victory Fund in 2012 to support someone just because they are gay and not because of the issues at hand.  If a person supports a party with a platform like the Republicans, a platform includes anti-women, anti-gay and anti-minority planks even if they are “gay” they shouldn’t be supported with “gay money” and should not be endorsed by any self respecting LGBT group.

The absolute proven joke of bipartisanship after these 12 years is well proven.  And for the Victory Fund to fall into such an asinine strategy by backing a “gay republican” just because he is “gay” over a proven straight progressive Democrat who is 100 percent behind LGBT equality is insulting not only to the Democratic party but to the LGBT community.

2 thoughts on “LGBT Victory Fund Spins Bipartisan Bullshit, Backs Gay GOP Over 100% Pro-Gay Progressive Democrat

  1. So let me get this strait, because of 3 votes taken over 20 years ago before Tisei was “out” and without mention of any amendments that may have been tacked on to each of those bills and perhaps a reason why Tisei didn’t vote yes (an amendment of a tax hike, for example), Tierney is how the LGBT community should vote? “The Victory Fund on the other hand endorsed Tiesi just because he is gay.” Uh, duh! Perhaps Mr. Kohler should read the opening of his article again: “The Victory Fund is a political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of openly LGBT politicos in public office”. Let me help you with a translation, Mr. Kohler: That means that the Victory Fund is dedicated to electing openly gay candidates, not partisan hacks like Tierney. So yes, of course they’re going to support the gay candidate! Sadly, you are the only one spewing partisan rhetoric.

    1. So let me get this gayly forward.

      WE are suppossed to vote for a Gay GOP because he MIGHT have evolved on social issues but who will vote the GOP party line anyway because the Victory Fund would rather support an “Auntie Tom” because he’s gay and replace one of the top 1o progressive Dem’s in the country who has a 100 percent provn track record on LGBT voting.

      Thats insanity. Pure and simple.

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