Landlord Evicts HIV Non-Profit Service Group From Offices For “Bringing Disease Into The Building”

Bienestar, a Los Angeles HIV non-profit services group serving the latino community was evicted from its new offices after only two days after the landlord allegedly told them they were “bringing disease” into the building:

Bienestar is a non-profit social services organization offering testing, support and information to the Southern California Latino LGBT, HIV-positive, and other at-risk communities since 1989. Just 48 hours after opening in a new Van Nuys location, the landlord forcibly evicted the organization, saying it was “bringing disease” to the building. Bienestar has filed a lawsuit to regain access to its property, still locked inside the building. On Monday, August 13, Bienestar began providing services at their new location at 14546 Hamlin St., in Van Nuys, Calif. On Tuesday, August 14, Bienestar reports the landlord demanded the organization remove its belongings and vacate the premesis. That same day, a locksmith arrived to change the locks on the building, denying Bienestar members access to their property inside the building, including confidential client files.” – via The Advocate

If the story is true, the landlord won’t have to worry about disease in “his” building much longer.

Here’s to a very large, satisfying judgment for Bienestar.  And a VERY public and exposing lawsuit of the landlord.

*  Hat-tip to the very beary sexy Joe Jervis at Joe My God

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