GOProud HomoCONS “INCREDIBLY PROUD” To Endose Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Ticket

“No amount of happy talk or soaring rhetoric can paper over this President’s horrific record on jobs and the economy. The number one issue for gay Americans – like their straight counterparts – is jobs and the economy.

For those voters, tonight’s speech – as with the rest of the speeches at the DNC – offered next to nothing. Gay Americans, like all Americans, need to ask themselves, ‘are you better off than you were four years ago?’ Sadly, for most, the answer is no.

For many gay Americans this election is about survival. It’s about finding a job, about putting food on the table, about putting gas in their car – it’s about the basics. The Democrat’s had three days to talk about these issues and instead they decided to focus on divisive social issues.

GOProud is incredibly proud to be the only national gay group to have endorsed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s White House bid. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand that average gay Americans are struggling in this economy and will work tirelessly to turn this country around and create millions on new jobs. –  Posted at GOProud’s website after President Obama’s DNC speech

Actually the number one issue for gay Americans SHOULD BE to secure equal rights that are given to everyone else in the country and then worry about jobs and the economy.

These HomoCON gay bitches were born with silver dildos up their asses and are out of their fucking minds. PERIOD.

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