GOP Rep Susan Collins Co-Sponsors The Uniting American Families Act – Is It Just An Empty Gesture?

GOP Senator Susan Collins of Maine has become the first Republicans to co-sponsor the Uniting American Families Act which will allow Americans the same ability to sponsor permanent same-gender partners for immigration purposes.  As of now Collins is only the 27th co-sponsor of the legislation

“This legislation would simply update our nation’s immigration laws to treat bi-national couples equally. More than two dozen countries recognize same-gender couples for immigration purposes. This important civil rights legislation would help prevent committed, loving families from being forced to choose between leaving their family or leaving their country.” So at least one GOP Senator is brave enough & understands that gay rights are human rights. Let’s hope this legislation is put on the fast track to Obama by the end of 2012.

Collins who has rated 78% LGBT friendly in Congress by the Human Rights Campaign was among the “no” votes on another immigration-related bill called  the DREAM Act, which would have offered young, undocumented immigrants a path to  citizenship if they pursue a college education or military service and in the past has not been above using LGBT issues in legislation as a bargaining chip.

Collins has chosen NOT to run for re-election and her term in Congress will be long finished before the Uniting American Families Act ever reaches the floor.

What do you think?

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