Gay Inc. Outraged After Barney Frank Calls Gay Republican Group “Uncle Toms” at DNC – Video

The Human Rights Campaign, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and The National Center for Transgender Equality  in a ridiculous show of  political correctness are in a tizzy over Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank saying that the Log Cabin Republicans — a group for gay Republicans — have modeled themselves after “Uncle Tom.”

Frank who’s known for being forthright and not pulling any punches, first used the comments on Michelangelo Signorile’s SiriusXM radio show from the DNC floor and later repeated the line to at the convention’s LGBT Caucus.

In the Signorelli interview Frank said.

“Frankly I’ve been appalled to see the Log Cabin club, in the face of this worse and worse record on public policy by Republicans on our issues.  Mr. Cooper (President of the LCR) said, ‘Well at least they’re not saying bad things about us.’ That’s just extraordinary. Again, 30 years ago when we were emerging from the vice of prejudice, I understood that. But no, we shouldn’t be accepting a kind of second class citizenship, [and saying], ‘You can treat us badly as long you don’t yell at us.

They’re accepted on [the GOP’s] terms, they’re willing to be accepted with no rights — no right to marry, no right to serve in the military, no right to be protected against hate crimes, no right to be protected in employment. I’ll be honest: For 20 years now I’ve heard how the Log Cabins are going to make Republicans better, but they’ve only gotten worse. I now understand why they call themselves Log Cabin: their role model is “Uncle Tom.”

(For those of you who don;t know.  Uncle Tom, the name of the leading character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the character’s name has been used before  to describe members of a minority group who bow to and help their group’s oppressors.  Sounds like Gay Republicans to me)

Almost immediately after Frank’s comments Gay Inc’s  “political correctness” and  apinelessness kicked in

Chad Griffin — the new head of the Human Rights Campaign said of Frank’s comments: “That’s certainly not my perspective. The Log Cabin Republicans are good people doing good work. We need all fair-minded Americans to rally to the side of equality, and that most definitely includes Republicans. They provide a voice within the Republican Party that’s important.” (I had high hopes for Griffin turning the HRC around.  Well thats over now)

Rea Carey – the executive director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, went further, saying, “At the Task Force, we would never say something like that. There’s going to need to be some follow-up on the part of the [LGBT] caucus and the [Democratic] party today.” (Looks like the Task Force finally found a task insipid as it is)

And Mara Keisling,- the head of the National Center for Transgender Equality, , said, “I think Barney Frank speaks for himself. It’s pretty clear to me which party is much, much, much better on LGBT equality, but I’m not going to cast aspersions on Log Cabin Republicans. Bless their hearts for trying.


LCR executive director R. Clarke Cooper  replied to Franks statement saying:  “We understand that Barney has earned his protected place within the Democrat Party by being their attack dog on gay rights issues, demonizing Republicans and undermining efforts at bipartisanship that would actually improve LGBT Americans lives. We expect this kind of bile from Barney, especially when it plays into the Obama campaign’s efforts to divide, distract and deceive the American people.”

While the LCR in reality is  less toxic than HomoCONS at GOProud (slightly) at the end of the day they are exactly the same.

Come November they will enter that voting booth and vote a straight Republican ticket for the party that wants to deny us our God-given rights, keep us second class citizens, and spreads hateful lies and propaganda about us.

To me that makes Franks “Uncle Tom” comments totally justifiable (although I personally prefer “Auntie Tom’s)  and Gay Inc’s scrambling for political correctness and support of the Log Cabin Republicans  disingenuous and spineless at best.

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