As Dr Pepper Evolves, Funda-MENTAL Creationist Go Apes**t!

After the above ad image appeared on the Dr. Pepper’s Facebook page on Thursday which copies on the iconic evolution diagram “March  of Progress,” Christian fundamentalist, and creationist are literally going apeshit over the image and are engaging in a flame war with  the “Peppers” and calling for a boycott (ho-hum) of the popular soft drink.  “I ain’t no freaking chimp.” one commenter posted.  (REALLY?)

Although there’s been no “official” call for a boycott from any far right religious group as of yet.  Start the countdown.  It should be here by late Monday. (They are all busy packing up at the FRC’s Value Voters Summit.)

I personally don’t know why the creationist are so upset.  It’s not like they actually drink Dr. Pepper.  After all they drink Mr. Pibb, Mountain Dew, and Moonshine to wet their whistle.

 Yeeee Haaaaaw!

What do you think?

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