Cardinal Timothy Dolan Slams Abortion Rights During DNC Closing Prayer – Nice Going DNC

After the announcement that the Democratic National convention had scheduled Anti-gay and Anti-women’s reproductive rights Cardinal Timothy Dolan to give the closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention I called upon the LGBT Community, Straight Allies and women’s right groups to protest his appearance but my pleas fell on deaf ears because “it might upset the Democratic Party and we don;t want to look bad.”

Last night during his closing prayer other than a few “boo’s(Thank you Joe Jervis at Joe My God”)  Dolan had the nerve to close out the DNC with a slam on abortion rights.

We beseech you, almighty God to shed your grace on this noble experiment in ordered liberty, which began with the confident assertion of inalienable rights bestowed upon us by you: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thus do we praise you for the gift of life. Grant us the courage to defend it, life, without which no other rights are secure. We ask your benediction on those waiting to be born, that they may be welcomed and protected.”

By the way.  Cardinal Dolan will be a key speaker at next weeks Family Research Council’s anti-gay HATERPOOLOOZA “The Values Voters Summit”.

Way to go DNC!

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