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BREAKING: Supreme Court to Review Prop 8 & DOMA Decision Later This Month

Accordinging to, it appears that the Supreme Court will be reviewing two very critical measures later this month: In the Supreme Court docket page the infamous Propostion 8 meausre of California, a law that stipulated that marriage is between on man and one woman, will be reviewed in a secret meeting as the Hollingsworth v. Perry case is now “DISTRIBUTED for Conference of September 24, 2012.”  Here’s a breakdown from the source’s author, Scottie Thomaston, of this late-breaking information:

The September 24 conference is the first time this term that the Justices will meet privately and look at petitions for certiorari to decide which cases they will accept for review. Usually, the Court announces its orders from conferences on the Monday following the conferences, however if they do take up the Prop 8 case on September 24, they could announce as early as the next day whether the full Court will review the case. It takes four votes to grant review.

Now if the court denies the petition this could mean that the lawe will be invalidated and a chance to pass measures for same sex marriage in California can begin. The Supreme Court could also deny to hear the meausre and “resist” making any ruling until a later set date. This also means that even if the Prop 8 in made invalid and gay marriage is allowed in California, it won’t be a nationwide ruling.

Also to be  distributed on September 24th, The Supreme Court will hear section 3 of the Windsor v. USA, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) after proponents appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Story Developing…


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