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Back2Stonewall Presents: IT’S RAINING HOT GINGERED MEN

We here at Back2Stonewall have a confession; we LOVE LOVE LOVE our fair skinned redheaded brethren that are also more commonly referred to as gingers. They’re rare, beautiful specimens of exquisite genetic perfection that we can’t get enough of. We like all variants of gingered men; tall, stocky, hairy, studious, freckled, bearded, otters, bears, lanky emo dirty hipsters (okay I may be alone on the hipster one, but come on, you can overlook anything with that fire engine mane of theirs)

To further elaborate why we love gingers, let us show you why…

Now look at this fine specimen; the sporty ginger is toned, the perfect amount of muscles, beautiful freckles adorn his entire fit physique all the way down those nicely sculpted abs with just the right amount of that fire engine mane of his in all the right places. What’s that you say?It’s okay, I’ll give you a moment to recover…












Now this is the bear/otter gingers I was talking about. Stocky, hairy, with the strong, rugged features of a burly man yet in reality are commonly very sweet and gentle. And like any wild animal they are protective all the while you can be comforted by all of that lustrous and soft red fur.

Next up, we move onto the “bad” tattooed gingers...look at him. While this ginger may appear to be ready to cause some sort of raucous, with the very hot tattoos that they proudly show off….He just wants to be understood guys, okay? Get a chance to know them, that’s all they’re asking for…Jeez.

Now to further describe one of my favorites, the lanky hipster ginger, here is the type of guy I’m talking about. The slim yet toned build all while conveying to us his brooding emotion that he’s pensive about the world.

As this type of ginger is introspective and likely timid, his awkward presence just makes you want to listen to his emo rantings all the while imagining…well you get the picture, it’s right there guys!Don’t make me do ALL the work!


Can you see why we swoon so much now for gingers? Their beauty is a thing to be treasured, not mocked. So when you see a ginger, say hello, and then you’ll see why we love them so damn much.


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