Live Tweeting and Reporting From The 2012 Democratic Convention

Well turns out we won’t be.

Just like we won’t be live reporting from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council’s GOP 2012 HATERPOLOOZA also known as the Values Voters Summit on September 14th.   (Which I REALLY wanted to go and trash those bigots in person)  But unfortunately being “Independent” and “speaking the blunt truth” also means that we can’t afford to go and can’t get backing to go to either event.  (The VVS would cost $2000.00 alone and many backers are far too PC to back us.)


For live and first hand coverage of the DNC we recommend that you follow @JoeMyGod on Twitter  for on the spot “straight” shooting Tweets from the event. will cover what we can via the newswire and we will continue to keep you all up to date on the rest of the LGBT news across the country and across the world during the DNC.

What do you think?

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