Undercover at NOM’s – Ruth Institute Anti-Gay Youth Conference – A MUST READ!

Seizing the opportunity and doing what LGBT journalist and blogger should be doing, Equality Matter’s Carlos Maza went undercover and attended  National Organization for Marriage (NOM) –  Ruth Institute’sIt Takes A Family To Raise A Village”  (ITAF) conference in San Diego where it invites college students from across the country to participate in its  weekend-long to prepare them to defend “natural marriage” on their  campuses by introducing them to a number of prominent anti-gay speakers and activists.

What Maza found was a shocking level of organization, effort and resources placed into this event, to create anti-gay leaders using every trick, lie, and piece of anti-propaganda at thier disposal.

Dr. Jenet Erickson, an assistant professor at BYU’s School of Family Life. Her seminar, titled “Marriage: The Indispensable Social Institution,”  focused on the relationship between marriage and parenting by  attempting to make the case that married, heterosexual couples offer the  best environment for raising children. She called same-sex  relationships “inherently unstable,” suggesting that gay partners eventually get bored of each other as a result of having the same gender.

At the end of her speech, Erickson was asked how she would counter  stories of well-adjusted children raised by same-sex parents. She  responded by asserting that the majority of same-sex couples are  “dysfunctional” and “erratic,” citing a widely discredited gay parenting study conducted by UT Austin associate professor Mark Regnerus. (snip)

The Truth About Same Sex  Parenting Studies,” led by economist Douglas Allen:  ALLEN: [Regnerus] came up with some shocking  results. What’s good about his study: so he wanted to use a large  sample, and he tried but he still ended up with fairly small numbers  given his definition. He wanted to use a wide range of hard measures,  that’s very commendable.   You know, if you grew up in a same-sex household, by his definition, you are multiple times more likely to face sexual abuse, for example. (snip)

And it gets much, much worse.

Please head on over to Equality Matters (but comer back here!) and read Maza’s SHOCKING account of theNational Organization for Marriage (NOM) –  Ruth Institute It Takes A Family To Raise A Village”  (ITAF) conference in San DiegoYou’ll be angered beyond words.


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