Trial Set For Paston Involved In Liberty Counsel Connected Kidnapping Case Of Isabella Miller

Eleven women and three men were impaneled to hear the case against Mennonite  Pastor Kenneth Miller, accused of  helping Lisa A. Miller flee the country with her young daughter to prevent the girl from staying with Ms. Miller’s former lesbian partner in a civil union.

Lisa Miller, no relation to the  defendant, and Janet  Jenkins of Fair Haven entered a civil union in Vermont in 2000. Lisa Miller  gave birth to her daughter, Isabella, in 2002. The couple later broke up, and  Lisa Miller returned to her native Virginia.

Kenneth Miller is accused of  helping Lisa Miller and her daughter travel from Virginia to Canada, then to  Nicaragua in September 2009 where they lived among Mennonites.

But coincidentally an article published by this website in April of 2011 shows that Miller had been legally assisted by Matt Barber’s anti-gay Liberty Counsel at the time and when Miller failed to surrender Isabella Jenkins-Miller and disappeared.

Also according to FBI affidavits, the ”Lynchburg Christian Academy Payroll Account” provided ”multiple payroll checks to Lisa Miller.” The Academy is an affiliate of the late Jerry Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church which Matt Barber’s Liberty Counsel is also affiliated with by way of Falwell’s Liberty University

FBI documents indicate agents believe Lisa Miller was going by the name Sarah, and that her daughter was being referred to as Lydia.

Last year Miller’s ex-partner Janet Jenkins’s attorney, Sarah Star, received a phone call from an unnamed individual who said that Miller and her daughter were staying at a vacation rental house in Nicaragua owned by Philip Zodhiates, who was described by the caller as a “Liberty leader,” Kaegel said.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Zodhiates heads the Christian direct-mail firm Response Unlimited. His daughter, Victoria Hyden, is Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver’s administrative assistant and was asked by her father to “to get Lisa Miller supplies.”

Right Wing Watch  confirmed that the FBI affidavit reveals that Lisa Miller and her daughter have been living in a Nicaragua house owned by the Zodhaiates and that Miller’s original Liberty Counsel attorney  Rena M. Lindevaldsen was also named in the FBI’s affidavit.

There is no public word if the Liberty Counsel is currently under investigation in aiding and abetting of Pastor Kenneth Miller or that of Lisa Miller in her fleeing the country.

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