UPDATE: IT’S A HOAX! – Missoula, Montana Gay Man Beaten In Anti-Gay Attack On His Birthday

A 22-year-old gay man being  identified only as “Joseph” was a victim of an anti-gay beating outside a bar  in Missoula, Montana very early Sunday morning, according to the Wipeout Homophobia page on Facebook,

The Missoulian  also confirms Wipeout Homophobia’s posting:

 The man had gone to the  Missoula Club to celebrate his 22nd birthday, and it was outside of that  establishment that the attack took place:

The man told police he’d asked people about the  location of a gay bar, when someone asked him to step outside for a cigarette,  Brodie said.

But the man said that when he left the bar, someone hit him,  and then two more people joined in, Brodie said.

The incident happened at 1:30  a.m. Sunday and the man reported it to police at 4:30 a.m., after he got home,  Brodie said.

According to Missoula news KPAX  “Missoula Police say they’re considering the  assault a misdemeanor.”

UPDATE: 6:19 p.m.

The Missoula Independent reports:

…the Missoula Independent and MPD obtained  video footage that shows Baken doing a backflip on Higgins Avenue and sustaining  the injuries, lacerations to his face, that have been depicted on social media  sites, during the landing.

Baken will likely be charged for making a false report, according to police.

The little shit should be foirced to apologize the LGBT community and have to do service at a crisis hotline for this stunt. .  How many people in that area will now be  disbelieved because of his lie.

What an incredible asshole.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: IT’S A HOAX! – Missoula, Montana Gay Man Beaten In Anti-Gay Attack On His Birthday

  1. If Joseph can see my message – What happened to you is the most despicable and cowardly act! You are not the loser here, the coward who attacked you for being who you are is the real loser. They are jealous of who you are, how loved you are and that they possibly can never become what you can and it is that jealousy added with mental sickness they suffer from of which you became a victim. Remember not to give up or be afraid, while still act sensibly when in danger and raise alarm and do not take the law in your hand, remember you are not alone, and giving up is not the answer. Speak up, talk to people share your story and stand up stronger and wiser. And if you see this, please contact me so we can share your story with more people out there, in your words – showing your true strength!!

  2. Lets coin a new word. HOMOPHOBOSAPIEN> these are humans out there that belong in some subclass of the species, the homophobosapien. kind of a reactionary fearful, cave like being. unsure of his place in the social structure. so hair trigger violence against strangers and groups that their less developed brains can not understand is a common characteristic. While shrewd and capable of premeditated thought, the homophobosapien is generally a reactionary, troglodyte-esque, slow thinking being, more prone to violence than understanding or solution. While
    Jesus tolerated them, but did not condone their criminal acts of violence.

  3. Joseph you are loved by many and what makes me really mad is the Missoula police are not doing their job but I’m not surprised there are not many good cops here in Missoula were fighting for you and I hope the city gets sued and you get a lot of money for a new house cause you deserve it man and the guys who did this to u deserve a tiny ass cell and no soap or clean clothes they are dirty and should be treated as such

  4. I also think it’s a shame if it happened. Unfortunately, this may have been a false report, as is coming out “now”

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