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Minnesota: Grandparents Yvonne and Fred Peterson Endorse Marriage Equality


Today, a new public education spot hit televisions in Minnesota, where voters face a ballot measure that could limit the freedom to marry in the state. On November 6, Minnesota voters must decide on a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution that would constitutionally ban same-sex couples from marrying. Same-sex couples are already excluded from marriage through a state statute passed in 1997.

The new ad features retired U.S. Marine Corps member Fred Petersen and his wife Yvonne, Minnesota residents whose grandson is gay.



Originally from Denver, now living in the Low Countries of Europe. Spent four years in the Navy, got out when I realized I was a big ole flaming mo. Lived in NYC for almost a decade until meeting my husband, who because of the f'ed up immigration laws, can't stay in the US. I'm obsessed with politics and LGBT activism. I cannot stand or abide ANY form of religious stupidity or bigotry....oh, or republicans.

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