Man Attacked In Atlanta Georgia For Saying He Was Gay

A gay couple were accosted and one of them attacked on their way to the party in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday night after being asked if they were gay.

A statement from APD spokesperson Carlos Campos.

“It appears a gay couple was walking near 361 17th St. (Atlantic Station) when they were approached by an unknown male. The male asked the couple if they were gay. When the couple replied yes, the male punched one of them in the face, then fled on foot. Officers responded. The victim was advised to go to the hospital for examination. Nothing further as to extent of injuries. No arrest has been made. LGBT Unit notified,” he said.

Paul Swicord, an activist with Lost-n-Found Youth and a friend of the victim, said only one person was attacked.

Swicord said he is not revealing the name of the victim because the man asked for time to notify his family and his employer of the incident.  The victim made it to his destination, where Swicord consoled him, and stayed with him while he spoke with Atlantic Station Security and Atlanta police, and accompanied him to the emergency room

“He is out of the closet, he just wants to be the first to tell his mother so she does not read it in the media first,” Swicord said in a statement to media on Sunday evening.

According to Swicord, the Atlantic Station security officer where the attack occurred who he and the victim spoke with was reluctant to help.

After taking some information, the security guard said it would be 3-6 weeks before a report could be made available and to review the video footage. I tried to take a photo of the security guard so that I would have a record of who we had spoke with. He held his hand up and blocked my camera phone and blocked the photo. There was no compassion in this security officer for the victim.  He was reluctant to take a report and document the incident.

The victim described his attacker as “white male, short brown hair, with a muscular build,” who is between 5’9″ and 6 feet tall. The attacker was accompanied by an attractive white woman with brown hair,

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