How Long Does Gay Love Last? A Ridiculous Notion on Labels

When you fall in love, you always seem to remember the series of firsts you share. The first time he says something to makes you smile. The first song that makes you think of him. the first time  you lose all senses when your hands touch. The first late night stroll to unknown destinations while gazing upon the moon. The first time he says “I love you”. I’m certain that just the mention of is making you think of those first, just as I am while writing this.

Those moments stay fresh in the mind and all you can think of is forever with him. But how would you feel if someone told you that your love had an expiration date? That no matter what you did to foster communication and understanding that because of your sexuality, This love was on a clock that weould soon run out?

A few years ago in Time a man dissected his relationship with his partner to see if then being gay is what led to it’s downfall. The author ridiculously implies that through research that his relationship faltered because of their sexuality.What I find difficult to understand is did he ever question were the problems due to sexuality, or his absurd notion of what roles we serve in our relationships as gay men and women? To me,  it sounds like trying to be what he thought  one man has a dominant role while the other submissive is flawed.

Dr. Stuart F. Chen-Hayes an  Associate Professor of Counselor Education/School Counseling from National-Louis University  porvides a guide on dispelling  the myths surrounding gay s and lesbians in relationships.  Dr. Chen-Hayes discusses how LGB relationships have many if not almost all the same challenges and triumphs of straight couples.  It implies that sexuality effects the relationships of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals just as much as as in straight  relationships.

Even the title to this entry is so ridiculous to me . How can someone ever put a limit or encompass the experience of love onto someone? Could you imagine being told that your relationship has a time limit because of your sexuality? I’m sure those that oppose gay anything will try to breakdown every minute detail and stage of a gay relationship in order to make arguments that our relationships don’t last.

Studies on gay relationships is relatively new. But hopefully more research will reveal or label that our relationships are no different then straight couples. They can point out things you may not have realized that affect a relationship, But a study can’t tell you how to be yourself or measure hw long ANY love last between two people. In my not too important opinion, the only thing that determines how long love last is the two people in love. Sexuality is not a variant on how long a relationship can last.

What do you think?

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