GaydyUp Video News Update On Location In L.A. With Special Guest Scott Nevins! – August 10th

Back2Stonewall’s intrepid video reporter (and cute as a button)  Zak Baldridge talks Chick-fil-A, the kiss-in debacle, and bacon wrapped hot dogs on location with TV/Radio Host and personality Scott Nevins on location in Los Angeles! – Will Kohler

7 thoughts on “GaydyUp Video News Update On Location In L.A. With Special Guest Scott Nevins! – August 10th

  1. I LOVE Zak with all my gay heart. But I TOTALLY disagree with seperating a persons politics from the person. I mean why in the world would anyone want to be friends with someone who backs a dangerous political platform that wants to hurt you.

    Just my opinion of course. Being fiscaly conservative is one thing. But voting along with the GOP just for that while turning a blind eye and knowing thier stand on social issues especially LGBT issues does not endear others to my heart and makes it diffucult to embrace them as friends.

    But I respect your opinion Zak.


    1. But doesn’t that make it a bit of “preaching to the choir”? If you are able to connect with someone that has differing views and possibly change those views, isn’t that the greater good?

      We can’t just surround ourselves with our own thoughts and politics. We need to learn from others outside our own processes and grow as well.

      Just my two cents 🙂


      1. I’m sorry I can’t embrace them because this “hearts and minds” thing has such a small percentage rate. We have the numbers. We’d be best off pushing and educating Dems, Liberals, and Progressives to the polls yo vote because far fewer of them ever do.

        Theres a much better chance than that than try to change a bigots mind.

        To this DAY there are many who haven’t accepted the 1965 Civil Rights Act. But they live with it.

  2. Zak, if you dream about debating Porno Pete, you need to get an upgrade to your dream package. Me, I’d call that a nightmare!

  3. Yup, cute as a basket of puppies. The younger generation may be turning it around in CA, but I think not so much in places like AL, GA, VT, and so on. It’s still an uphill climb.

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