Gay North Carolinians Fight Back After Amendment 1 Loss, No More Mr. Nice Gay

After fighting a valiant fight, but losing to Amendment One, which imposed a constitutional ban against gays and lesbians and their  freedom to marry in North Carolina.

Equality North Carolina is now going on the  offensive.  Gone are the insipid and uninspiring  “hearts and minds” strategy type commercials that have dragged this battle out for so long  and in its stead North Carolina gays and lesbians are fighting back.

They’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

Bravo to Equality North Carolina for standing up and fighting back.

(And to the national organization “Freedom to Marry(ONLY in the states they deem fit) we have not forgotten that you turned your back on North Carolina when they needed you most.

3 thoughts on “Gay North Carolinians Fight Back After Amendment 1 Loss, No More Mr. Nice Gay

  1. As someone who gave $600 to the campaign against the amendment, I think I have a right to say that the campaign was very badly run and conceived. As the election date approached, I begged the campaign to drop the absurd notion that the real danger of the amendment was the collateral damage it would cause. They refused to say that banning ssm is a bad idea because of the damage it does to gay people or that ssm is a good idea. I think maybe Freedom to Marry knew something. I regret donating my money to the campaign. I think it would have been better used someplace else.

    I find it strange that you blame Freedom to Marry rather than the people in North Carolina who managed the campaign.

    1. Actaully I am not blaming Freedom to Marery for the loss. I am blaming Freedom to Marry of refusing to help them. Maybe if they did the campaign would have been better.

      Also last I heard the groups not called “Freedom to Marry only in certain states.”

  2. Dear Will,
    You showed a lack of reading comprehension in responding to lambda98 above. The NC campaign was misconceived. Any money given here (I say that as a longtime gay rights activist here) would have been WASTED BECAUSE 1) the campaign it was going into was misconceived, AND 2) we were in fact a lot further behind than we thought we were. 61-39 is EMBARRASSING. 61-39 proves THERE WAS NEVER ANY CHANCE. Most of us didn’t know that — we had no idea it would be so bad, because most of us ACTUALLY LIVE in the metropolitan counties where the result was the opposite. What we were hearing from the people that our own circles could reach was telling us that we were making a difference. So the good thing about the campaign was that it was a reality check. But it certainly DOES NOT imply that Freedom To Marry should’ve WRITTEN us a check, or that ANY amount of money could’ve changed this outcome — unless, precisely as lambda said, the whole thrust of the campaign changed first.

    The video says some good things but that speaks more to the skill of the videographer than it does to Equality’s strategy. Equality itself is a NON-partisan organization. The PAC is (mostly) partisan but the video itself still REFUSES to identify THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as the source of the problem, so in that sense, Equality IS STILL TOO timid to ACTUALLY play POLITICS. So your praise is premature. In a bad way.

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