Do People Have Gay Eyes? Study of Pupil Dilation Is An Indication of Sexuality

Can you tell if someone is gay by the was they look at you?  Does someone’s eyes reveal their sexuality? Well one study believes you can.  Savin-Williams and  Gerulf Rieger from Cornell University conducted a study measuring pupil dilation with arousal and attraction as an indicator of sexuality. So if you’re a guy and your pupils dilate when looking at other men, it’s likely that you are a sexually aroused by men and the theory was the same for women.

Previous research baby measuring  arousal in the genitals by viewing pornography. Studies that use pornography are somewhat unreliable because of the laboratory settig that leaves participants in a less”attentive” mood.sed physical signs of sexuality . Throughout history pupil size has been used to indicate arousal.

Straight, gay, and bisexual men and women participated  by watching minute long videos of masturbation of both men and women and used a gaze-tracking camera to measure any changes in pupil size. the study found that straight men pupils responded to the women while gay men responded to men masturbating. But the women  was a bit different.

While gay women responded to the women tapes the  straight women pupils responded to both men and women. the researchers strongly advised that this does not mean that all women are bisexual.  Rather, women  are subjected to observe all sexual stimulus and not an overall sign of sexuality. the researchers hope this study can lead to advancing this approach  to potentially help those confused about their sexuality.

While the study is interesting I feel like there are several flaws. To use one aspect to determine sexuality seems myopic to me.  Moreover, pupil dilation happens whenever your brain is stimulated  or drawn to something beautiful.

Studies like this always need to keep in mind the fluidity of sexuality  as well comfort level with sexuality and consider that orientation is not curtailed to one  one specific behavior. Point being, always take any study that purports to  having the ability to measure one’s sexuality with a HUGE GRAIN  OF SALT. in my not too important opinion, human beings are too complex to look at one variant to determine sexuality. Also, I find it troubling to look for phyical attributes in determining things like sexuality.

One thought on “Do People Have Gay Eyes? Study of Pupil Dilation Is An Indication of Sexuality

  1. Your very last sentence… “I find it troubling to look for phyical attributes in determining things like sexuality” was my reaction in reading this post before I even finished.

    What I find particularly interesting is why money would have been wasted on this study? To what end? I think they were expecting this and tried to prove it. What next? Are we going to test 10 year old boys so that we can have plenty of time to change their sexuality? Not that it can be changed but it certainly could cause of pain for young people. This is troubling to me. People like Marcia Bachmann will become z”experts” suddenly on determining a young child’s sexuality. Scary.

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