Gay Couple Protests Bitter Bakery

As the war for equality continues to be fought in the food industry, The gay couple that was refused a wedding cake from Materpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood Colorado protested the bitter bigots bakery (see what I did there? it’s Monday, okay?) Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins held a peaceful protest Saturday outside the bakery in response to them refusing to make a wedding reception cake.  Held up signs saying Buttercream Not Bigotry  Love it. Serioously someone put this on a shirt and take my  money.

Mullins commented on the rallying support worldwide that have shown support and says,”It’s incredible to have people we barely know stand up for us and hug us and be proud of us,” “It’s one thing to read people’s messages online and see what they’re writing on the Internet, but it’s another thing to see them stand up not for just you but for gay rights in general. We hope we can change the way Masterpiece treats people like us.”

The  owner of the bakery Jack Phillips feels his religious position “comes from my belief in the teachings of the Bible; it’s not civil rights or Constitutional liberties we’re dealing with,” Whatever dude. How the hell are you bringing politics into your product?

Phillips has stated previously and rather ignorantly that the bakery is willing to make birthday and graduation cakes for gay people. H|This isn’t the first time customers has had issues with the bakery. They have a istory of projecting their Insecurities beliefs onto customers.

Phillips also ignorantly states,“When I do a first birthday cake, I imagine the baby in the high chair and the family gathering around and smiling, and I feel like I’m a part of that because I contributed to it. But with gay weddings, I refuse to be a part of that.” And don’t gay couples do the EXACT same thing with their children? Create loving memories with their family? How unbelievably hypocritical.

i cannot  believe that future generations will look back on thee fight for equal rights and see that baked sweets and chicken were catalysts.

Anyway, with their wedding  happening in September, the couple realized by the recent events that they needed to be more proactive in the fight for equality. We wish the happy couple all the best on their upcoming nuptials.


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