Stop Comparing Race & Homosexuality: Human Rights Are For Everyone

In the struggle for equality do you consider other groups and communities going through the same struggles like sexuality and race? Do you compare our issues with theirs? Well a recent article does attempt to compare one community against another.

In an article from The Washington Informer from the writer William Reed asks a question that (quite honestly I’m irritated in seeing) titled Is Gay the New Black? Because of the recent controversy of Chick-Fil-A the author expresses the conflict is a  “straight menace to Black values and American free enterprise” Mr. Reed continues this opinion stating“Blacks should be aware that the gay movement has eclipsed them in political potency.”

Mr. Reed concludes that the efforts of the LGBTQ community as a “coordinated, well-funded, well-connected propaganda strategy undermine thousands of years of history. It’s especially disconcerting to watch the use of the civil rights struggle as the vehicle for the strategy.”  So basically he’s saying the gay civil rights is taking attentiion away from African American issues. This is ridiculous.

As I write this what I’d like to ask this misinformed writer is where does this ideology come from? How is the LGBT community fighting for equal rights a detriment to the African American community in any way? Are African Americans suppose to protest the LGBT community standing up against a company that supports anti-gay groups? What a horrible logic.

I am so sick of this need to compare and contrast of whether the African American community or any ethnic/racial minority to the LGBT community.  have had more pain, more strife, more obstacles then the other. THIS IS ABOUT EQUALITY. The one-up mentality of who’s had it worse needs to stop.

Both communities through history have suffered oppression, disgraced and discriminated, been beaten and killed because of blind ignorance and bigotry. We all want to be treated fairly, to be treated equally and have so much both can learn from each other. Mr. Reed has made a derogatory and stagnate assertion.

Maybe if this “writer” for the Washington Informer talked to other LGBT men and women that are racial minorities, he would get some clarity from his misguided and to me ignorant assumptions.

Clay Cane wrote in the Huffington Post about his book detailing stories of LGBT men from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds. It discusses the personal strife and pain members like me that happen to be from both communities along with the fear of not coming out. You see Mr. Reed, it is necessary in this dichotomy to possess understanding along with introspection and reasoning.

Let me answer your question, NO Gay is not the New Black but it sure as hell is no better or worse and this is a ridiculous question to ask. This question causes division not unity. You should consider those of us within that demographic that you’re so easily writing off as scapegoats of a movement in which African Americans that are in fact gay, bisexual, and transgender.

Your myopic and backwards thinking Mr. Reed is more a detriment to both communities which enables more bigots to join in this sad misguided rhetoric. So don’t destroy the same people you claim to speak out for. Civil and Human Rights are for everyone and this is not a competition.


What do you think?

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