Tony Perkins’ FRC Hate Group: Chick-fil-A Has Emboldened Anti-Gay Haters To Speak Out

From the Family Research Council Homepage:   (Which I refuse to link to.)

Bakery Won’t Sugar-Coat Marriage Views

If the Chick-fil-A firestorm has accomplished anything, it may have emboldened business owners who agree with Dan Cathy. As difficult as it’s been for the popular franchise, Chick-fil-A has been an example of unshakable faith to proprietors like Jack Phillips. The owner of Colorado’s Masterpiece Cake Shop says he isn’t about to waver from his belief in marriage as the union of a man and woman–not even when a homosexual couple is trying to destroy his business for it. When two men visited his store looking for a wedding cake this summer, they said the meeting “only lasted a few seconds.” Jack was kind–but firm–in his conviction that he would not bake for events he disagrees with. The local News Channel 5 reports Phillips as saying, “If the state won’t recognize gay marriage, neither will [I].” Stunned, Dave Mullin and Charlie Craig took to Facebook, launching a campaign to force Phillips into submission.

The chances of that look slim. Jack says he feels so strongly about the issue that he’d be willing to sacrifice his business over it. “If it came to that point, we would close down the bakery before we would compromise our beliefs. That may be what it comes to… we’ll see.” Our hats go off to Jack and business owners like him who politely but firmly stand their ground when the bullies come calling. There is no appeasing the other side on marriage–and the sooner Americans learn that, the better.

You know what?

I thinks thats GREAT!

After years of these anti-gay religious extremist bigots hiding behind petitions and secret donations we are finally able to see the faces of those who really hate us.

The enemy is invisible no longer.

Lets seize the opportunity while we can.

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