There Were Over 54,000 Reports Of Violent Crimes In Los Angeles This Year, Fred Willard Wanking Off Isn’t One Of Them

The internet is abuzz with the fact that actor and comedienne Fred Willard was arrested for lewd conduct last night in a Hollywood XXX Theatre when police allegedly caught Willard with his pants down, and his penis exposed and in his hand.


What the hell would you be expected to do while watching an adult film in an adult theatre?  Thats what they are there for.  So it’s no big shock that guys go in there and jerk off and in some cases even have sex.

At 8:30 pm on Wednesday night supposedly the LAPD  decided to do a random walk through of the Tiki Adult Theatre in Holly wood, CA.  And the LAPD are insisting that it wasn’t a raid because when Adult Theaters in Los Angeles get their license, they have to allow Police  in whenever they want … to inspect.

Other than the fact that the Los Angeles has already had over 54,000+ reports of violent/property crimes and over 8,000 cases of Child/Spousal abuse so far this year. You would think that they would have something better to do wouldn;t you? How many REAL CRIMES with REAL VICTIMS were committed in Hollywood last night while these voyeur cops were trolling adult theatres looking for guys with their hands on thier junk for an easy arrests?

But even with all that aside.  If an adult wants to visit a private establishment such as an Adult Movie theatre (which by the way has no other reason for being in existence other than to jerk off  and/or have sex) and jack off with or have sex with another adult consensual then that is their business and should not be a crime.

Putting your personal opinions aside.  There is no valid reason why someone should be treated as a criminal and stigmatized for such a victimless crime.

In my opinion just for the fact that at age 73 Fred Willard could get it up to wank it makes him deserving of a medal.  Not arrest.


What do you think?

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