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Sunday Funday da daaaa da da da da…So Good To Me

Happy Sunday Funday all!

1) If only there were more mothers like this

2) Sometimes you just need Dr Suess to explain how things should be:

3) And while we’re talking about how things should be, how about this:

Before:  (Photos by Rolf Dellenbusch)

and after… “The Wuppertal, Germany bridge was a blank canvas before MEGX began painting it  last year to give it the illusion of stacked, colorful LEGO building blocks.  This wasn’t some overnight graffiti bomb — authorities and sponsors helped MEGX  create the giant mural over the course of four weeks. Totally legit.” Read more at Design Milk.

4) Oh yeah, and more of this, please

5) So… what are you waiting for?


6) …and before you object…!

Have a great week all!


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