Idaho Restaurant Refuses To Sell Pepsi and MillerCoors Products: “LGBT Rights Just Ain’t Christian”

Oh the hilarity. (And stupidity)

The Waha Bar & Grill in locared in a small rural town in Idaho has decided to stand up for their “christian” convictions and no longer serve Pepsi or MillerCoors products because those companies have ‘ ties to the National Gay  and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and promote LGBT rights” and because “it just ain’t christian.”

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is an entity that collects  money from major corporations to further promote policies for the gays,  lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, and as Christians, we don’t support that,”  said owner Mike Fuller adding that he and  his wife  they would bring back the products if the  corporations changed their tune on LGBT rights.  (Because the loss of  $20 bucks a day is going to change PepsiCo’s mind.)

Surprisingly MillerCoors responded to the couple stating:

MillerCoors has a strong track record of supporting the diversity of our  employees as well as the communities in which we work and live. Due to the  diversity and breadth of our consumers and because we believe in supporting the  many communities we serve, we support myriad organizations across the country.  The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is one of many organizations we  are proud to support,”

In the meantime Mike and Mari Fuller state that they don’t care if they lose business over the boycott which is a not-so-brave stance from a business that’s located in some backwater homophobic rural community and that they will still continue to sell products from Coca-Cola and Budweiser.  Both of which incidentally also work with the NGLCC but Mike and Mari Fuller are just too stupid to realize it.

Watch the report below and laugh!

4 thoughts on “Idaho Restaurant Refuses To Sell Pepsi and MillerCoors Products: “LGBT Rights Just Ain’t Christian”

  1. Mr. Kohler needs to realize not everyone in Idaho is homophobic. This kind of writing is ridiculously insulting and does NOTHING to further the LGBT cause. Please do not paint all Idahoans as homophobic EVER again. And the next time you are in Boise, feel free to visit one of the many LGBT run and proud establishments.

    1. My apologies I never meant to insult the entire state of Idaho. Just the husband brother sister couple that run that restaurant. And if you read carely I actully just point out that they are doing this ina rural community that probably feels the same way. I never slammed the entire state.

  2. Ugh can bigots stop with this rhetoric that something’s not Christian when their religion was used to enslave an entire race of people (as well as the Irish) while unrooting and stealing land from another. Also they’ve had same sex couples recognized and made saints in Christianity but bigots always seem to want to ignore that bit of history.

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