Homophobic “Christian” Coffee Company Jitters & Bliss Dumps NOM!

Jitters & Bliss a small wannabe Starbuckschristian” owned mom & pop coffee shop in Charleston, IL thought that it would be a good idea to hook-up with the National Organization for Marriage and get some free publicity for itself by supporting both NOM and its homophobic attitudes of same-sex marriage by offering a special discount to its customers if they used the code word “marriage” and then Jitter & Bliss in turn would make a donation to NOM.


The backlash was so enormous and the J&B’s Facebook page was overwhelmed with negative comments about the partnership.   Jitters & Bliss tried to counter all the pro-equality comments, all of which were deleted and the users blocked from the page but Jitters & Bliss became so overwhelmed that it had to remove its page from public view entirely for several days.

Upon returning and restored their page, Jitters & Bliss has made clear that its relationship with NOM is officially over

J&B: We are no longer connected to NOM. I do not care for SBucks for many reasons. I took an opportunity to get some of their business. Being inclusive, and loving everyone, yes, I would make another code. Will you use it?



Source: Think Progress LGBT

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