British Prime Minister David Cameron Promises To Legalize Gay Marriage By The Year 2015

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday promised that gay  marriage will be legalized by the year 2015 saying:  ‘I am absolutely determined that this  Coalition government will follow in that tradition by legislating for gay  marriage in this Parliament.

Cameron also compared the Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage to that of the Conservative party who once ‘locked out’ homosexuals.

Mr Cameron, who was speaking at a Number 10 Baker Street  reception for members of the LGBT community,  has promised his MPs a free vote on the issue adding: It’s something I feel passionately about and I think if it’s good enough for  straight people like me, it’s good enough for everybody and that’s why we should  have gay marriage and we will.

Prime Ministers in the Scottish Parliament  yesterday promised to bring forward laws enabling same-sex marriage by the start  of 2015.

Mr Cameron wants similar laws in England and  Wales by that year also.

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