The Boy Scouts Of America Have Close Ties To The American Family Association Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer

Well now with the news that after “confidential two-year review” in which the BSA formed a super secret committee of 11 “volunteers and professional leaders to evaluate whether the  policy was in the best interests of the organization,” and have decided to double down on their homophobic stance of not letting in gay scouts or scout leaders we  find out that The Boy Scouts have a close relationship with the American Family Associations Bryan Fischer and they reassured  him that they wouldn’t be relenting on their anti-gay policies after  he raised a stink about it on his hate broadcast.

But asks Jeremy Hooper of Good As You:Did the Boy Scouts call GLAAD? HRC? Did  they reach out to any of our groups to discuss their policy, or did they confine  their outreach to a man who once said that ‘Homosexuality gave us Adolf Hitler’  (among countless other things)?”

Gay friendly ally and Eagle Scout Zach Wahls also responded to the BSA’s almost Vatican-like secrecy around the decision:

This announcement is old news. We’ve heard this line before, and I’m sure  they’ll keep saying this until the day they decide to change the policy. This  announcement, moreover this ‘process,’ is just a distraction. We know where this  is headed.. Above all, what is most disappointing about today’s announcement is  the secretive nature surrounding how this conclusion was reached. The very first  value of the Scout Law is that a Scout is trustworthy. There is absolutely  nothing trustworthy about unelected and unnamed committee members who are  unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.”

Its obvious by their actions that from the start the Boy Scouts of American NEVER had any intention of changing their bigoted homophobic policy.

After all how could they when they take advice from the “thing” below:

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