99 Days And Gay Rights Is Number One

We’ve got 99 days before the presidential election. And when everyone says it’s a big one is a bit of an understatement. The time of being a pacifist with an apathetic attitude is over. If we don’t want to potentially be set back decades in the gay civil rights movement, it’s imperative that we get out and vote. But this isn’t just about the elections, it’s the moral of the LGBTQ community as well. A disturbing trend that I’ve witnessed grow exponentially in the gay community since the last election is apathy, particularly among gay men. This lack of concern about efforts from the conservative religious right to dismantle us in this social climate right now is dangerous.

During June pride month from both friends and strangers this lack of interest in Pride was glaringly apparent. Most of the early twenty crowd were either for some amorous activities while others were disgusted from previous fun or a complete disinterest. And it was forgotten what Pride celebrated in our history. About how the events in Stonewall set the momentum of a movement over 40 years ago. This symbolized a new era of freedom fighters of equality was hardly mentioned when discussion of the festivities came up. Some had no idea what happened at Stonewall which deeply disturbs me. And when it was brought up it was met with blank stares of disinterest to discomfort while very few inquired further. Keep in mind that I would never begrudge my fellow brethren from a hookup. If the spirit moves you do it as in my not too distant past I’ve done the same. But we’re at a precipice of change and the only way we’re going to get equal rights is by first of all knowing our history and not to repeat it.

This continued onward as the latest contention with those fusterclucks at Chick-fil-A. I get beyond irate hearing fellow gay men saying ‘what’s the big deal, it’s only chicken sandwiches” or “I’m not quitting them, hell chillax the f*ck out their fries are amazing”. (Who the hell says chillax?) This is followed by my judging stare while I tell them this is not just about gay marriage dude. This is about a company that has no shame in donating money to organizations that not only prevent rights like marriage but also and EDNA which does concern your job AND YOUR MONEY. When companies get incentives like this, more pop up that can do further harm.

Did you know only about half of the states in this country have laws against hate crimes involving sexuality? This company supports those that want to take even more rights away from us. We can’t use ignorance or complacency anymore as excuses. It may not matter to you now, but if you’re lucky and you meet the guy with a perfect ass swoon worthy abs along with all the other qualities you want in a life mate/husband or the dream job only to be teased harassed or even fired because you’re gay and you didn’t care and did nothing, you’re going to be pissed.

Moreover, there’s  apathy about the election as well among gay men. Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit that President Obama hasn’t fulfilled all the things I’ve envisioned his first term of presidency but have you looked at the alternative? Would you prefer more of the same with possibility of change or a guy that can’t spell America that wants us relegated to subhumans? This type of attitude affects your love life, your money, and your very own life so it’s pretty damn important that you make your voice heard. Apathy can lead to dire consequences that affects our future.

This wasn’t intended as a rant as I’m known as a free loving hippy but even I recognize I have to use my voice to fight for equality. I know the fight is daunting and after a while we all get tired and frustrated. But we have too much on the line to sit back and let an apathetic attitude rule our behavior. Especially when people who want to suppress us, who want to control us, and in some cases exterminate us to sit back and do nothing. LGBTQ men and women are still dying and being killed for simply being who we are. You don’t want someone else deciding your future then get proactive. Talk about the legislations that affect you in your community. Go vote. Hell even talking about brings awareness. This is your wake up call guys. Get ready to fight for equality. And get ready to win.

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