2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Adam Lambert (Oh, And Its A Good One)

  1. I am so proud of Adam Lambert for speaking out in such a direct manner. Wish more celebrities would do the same. Most celebrities are too worried about their image and don’t want to get involved in anything controversial. These hate groups are multiplying every year and should be stopped. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Adam is fierce in what he believes in! He has no fear when it comes to defending his friends, loved ones & beliefs!! This is a man that should be looked up to, not only for his talent (which exceeds most in the business today), but for his dedication to any form of oppression! Finally the “bullied” have a heroic role model! Adam is bullied/hated every single day of his life, but meets it with Love & a Smile!! Thk you for the mention!!

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